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Shree K.M.Borisagar Nursing College

Shree K.M.Borisagar Nursing College believes that:
Nursing science is a discipline that requires nurses’ continuous professionalism throughout their life. Nursing professionals also need to be highly skillful in order to meet the client’s comprehensive health care needs and to expand their professional functions in solving various problems. In addition, nurses need to demonstrate leadership by coordination with other health professionals.


To help students acquire knowledge of theory and principles of nursing and allied subjects in the delivery of comprehensive nursing practice.To initiate student centered learningTo initiate career advancement training programs for nurses.To set up modern simulation labs for skill training.To train teachers in mentoring students


The Goal of SHREE K.M.BORISAGAR NURSING COLLEGE is to provide an educational experience secondary and tertiary care of people as a professional nurse, and capable of teaching and supervising nursing care in different settings and participate in the administration of nursing service and education.


A nurse can work in a variety of setting including government and private Hospitals. It is estimated that around 6 lacs nurses existing Nurses-patient ratio. There is an emerging requirement of nurses in India as well as abroad. If you are a graduate from good Nursing College opportunities knocks at your door.


SHREE K.M.BORISAGAR NURSING COLLEGE aims to provide the best nursing education that continues with quality improvement, current technology, cost effectiveness and striving to improve student performance in learning and rendering comprehensive, compassionate holistic patient care in the country.


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modern campus

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Modern Lab

The lab is well furnished and well ventilated with all the necessary equipments like patient beds, mattresses, bed sheets, bedside locker, linens and blankets, napkins and towels, bed cradle, cardiac table,critical care unit


The college also has its own transportation fleet to transport students and staff. A fleet of buses and vans are available to all the students commuting between colleges and the campus.


We Have scholarship Facilities in our college for S.C., S.T. and O.B.C cast students.With This Facelities S.C., S.T. and O.B.C cast students can achive their dreams like other.


The spacious library of this institution affords a rich reference section of necessary books to fullfill the needs of the students joining the professional program.


A hostel is away from home live to learn and learn to live. Stay in the hostel is encouraged to meet the requirements of the course both academic and clinical.

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Our teachers

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Rosi Jqulin

math teacher

Ross Taylor

english teacher

Jessi Taylor

chemistry teacher

Julio Jesus

history teacher